NBG HepatoShield and sow reproductive and production performance

NBG HepatoShield in Sow

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The improvement and protection of liver function is a key point to improve reproductive and lactational performance of sows.

Liver protection is a concept that is closely related to the preservation of glutathione reserves in the liver.

Glutathione (GSH) is a tripeptide produced mainly in the liver and used by the enzyme Glutathione Peroxidase (GPX) in the metabolic processes of neutralization of oxidative stress produced among other causes by mycotoxins, high temperatures, antibiotic treatments, high production levels, etc…

Several studies have shown how Silymarin is able to recover the levels of reduced GHS, which is the form used by GPX in its detoxification processes.

Maintaining good GSH levels in hepatocytes can improve their detoxification capacity and their resistance to acute or chronic oxidative stress.

To protect and promote liver function in NBG, we designed NBG HepatoShield:

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NBG HepatoShield is a Silymarin-based product enhanced with NBG BioBoost technology that can help maintain liver function under stress, regenerate liver tissue and reduce pressure from various types of toxins.

Finally, we enclose an article that shows how dietary silymarin can improve sow performance from 90 days gestation to the end of lactation by regulating body antioxidants and metabolism.

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