AVIFORUM Carne 2024 – NBG EnteroBasic

Aviforum Carne 2024

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that last May 29th we had the pleasure to participate in the AviForum Carne 2024 congress together with our distributor PROVETSA, showing to the market the benefits of the product NBG EnteroBasic as a holistic protector of intestinal health.

NBG EnteroBasic is an advanced natural solution that combines medium and short chain organic acids together with essential oils, and all this enhanced with NBG Bioboost potentation technology and NBG Protect double encapsulation technology.

NBG EnteroBasic is a unique product that attacks digestive tract problems in a truly holistic way:

  • Improves control of intestinal pathogenic flora.
  • Improves the control of intestinal inflammation
  • Improves the regeneration of the intestinal mucosa.

With these actions we manage to reduce clinical and subclinical intestinal pathologies, improving the productive parameters of the animals.

In conclusion, EnteroBasic NBG is an economical, but very powerful, product that should not be missing in the diet of animals, as it can substantially improve the profitability of our farms.

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