Nutritional treatment of swine dysentery

Swine dysentery Enteroshield BH

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Swine dysentery is a microbial disease caused by a beta-hemolytic spirochete called Brachyspira Hyodisenteriae. Brachyspira is a very resistant pathogen in feces and can resist for more than 150 days.

Birds, insects or rodents are vectors that help transmission, but the main route of infection is contaminated feces. It is also important to note that sows can be asymptomatic carriers that transmit the disease to piglets.

Immunosuppression or a marked change in diet can predispose to an outbreak of dysentery.

The disease it causes is characterized as an acute disease of the colon and cecum that produces hemorrhagic and necrotic lesions in the mucosa and submucosa of the large intestine heavily infiltrated by PMN (polymorphonucleated).

At first the disease manifests as a pasty diarrhea with mucus and red blood threads, indicating its origin in the large intestine. The animals show less appetite and some sudden death may also be observed.

If not treated in time, the diarrhea may progress to more watery feces with more blood and a typical mucofibrinous exudate. Animals drastically lose appetite and body condition, presenting severe dehydration and high mortality.

Worsening intestinal health and immunosuppression are factors that increase the risk of swine dysentery outbreaks.

Once the disease is established, there are effective antibiotic treatments such as those based on pleuromutilins, macrolides or lincosamides.

There are also a number of natural nutritional alternatives that when combined holistically can help control the disease.

In NBG we believe that the pathology should always be approached from a holistic point of view since, as we have seen, it is a disease with a strong multifactorial component.

Following the philosophy of making food the medicine of animals, at NutriBioGenics we have created NBG EnteroShield-BH. A product that treats the problem holistically as it provides the following effects:

– Intestinal anti-inflammatory with special effects in reducing colitis.

– Antimicrobial with bactericidal effect, mimicking the mode of action of the innate immune system.

– Antimicrobial with bacteriostatic effect, sequestering from the medium essential nutrients for the multiplication of Brachyspira.

– Colonocyte regenerator

– Immunomodulator that enhances the effect of the adaptive immune system.

In our latest field trial with more than 7000 animals affected by swine dysentery we have demonstrated how NBG EnteroShield-BH is able to reduce by more than 85% the use of antibiotics to treat intestinal conditions, and our product is also able to improve the conversion rate of the animals.

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