Liver protection in laying hens

Interview Aviforum Puesta 2023

Dear colleagues,

This week we are pleased to attach the link of the interview made during the AviForum Puesta 2023 to our Director Xavier Cordoba.

In the interview Dr. Cordoba talks about:

  1. The importance of liver health in animal production
  2. Factors that affect the liver health of layers
  3. How to detect liver health failures in animals
  4. Actions that improve liver health
  5. NBG HepatoShield as a holistic hepatoprotectant of choice

NBG HepatoShield is a liver protector for laying hens and other animals that:

✔️ Reduces the amount of toxins crossing the intestinal barrier.

✔️ Reduces the amount of oxidized molecules before they reach the liver.

✔️ Enhances the detoxifying capacity of the hepatocyte.

✔️ Regenerates damaged liver tissue.

Here is the link to the interview. Enjoy the video: