Antioxidant peptides obtained by specific enzymatic hydrolysis

Antioxidant peptides NBG 2

Dear colleagues,

This week we have the pleasure of sharing with you information about an exciting line of research in which our R&D department has been immersed for several months with the aim of creating highly digestible protein hydrolysates that also contribute to improve animal health.

We are referring to the line of protein hydrolysates of the PRO Range such as NBG EnteroPro and NBG DigestaPro produced with the specific enzymatic hydrolysis NBG EnzyGoal.

In particular this week we will talk about antioxidant peptides, in which the key points for their functionality are certain specific chemical structures, a low molecular weight of the protein and/or the recurrent presence of some amino acids as with hydrophobicity.

Thus for example, some of the antioxidant peptides produced with specific hydrolysis that can be obtained on Sardinella Aurita are peptides with the sequences WDDDDDDDDMEK, VDDLEGSLEQE, VDDLEGSLEQEKKK, DDLEGSLEQE, EQE, LTL, NAK, TER or DEF.

Finally, we provide you with an interesting article that gives some clues about the structure-activity relationship of antioxidant peptides.

Enjoy the article!