The power of fish Peptides

Fish proteins EnteroPro

Dear colleagues,

This week we wanted to show you the potential of fish protein hydrolysates as a useful strategy to obtain products with remarkable nutritional and biological properties in animal nutrition.

Enzymatic hydrolysis of fish can produce highly digestible protein sources, but if the hydrolysis is performed in a proper and specific way, as we do at Nutribiogenics with NBG EnzyGoal technology, we can obtain nutrients with regenerative and tissue protective capacity thanks to peptides with remarkable antioxidant capacity.

At NBG we have also improved fish hydrolysates with NBG Protect and NBG Bioboost technology to add extra anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial capacity, thus creating the first product in our Range Pro, NBG EnteroPro.

For more information about NBG EnteroPro you can contact us through the following link:


As an example of the potential of fish peptides we show you a study evaluating the biological activity, demonstrating significant protection against inflammation by decreasing protein expression of pro-inflammatory mediators such as COX-2 or TNF-α, in addition to marked protection against the severity of oxidative stress.