Easter and eggs

Easter eggs

Dear colleagues,

This week several countries around the world celebrate Easter with various symbols that have become universal, such as Easter bunnies, palm leaves or decorated Easter eggs.

This year in particular we will focus on the symbol of the Easter egg.

There are several proposals about the origin of this symbol, as a symbol of fertility when nature awakens with spring or as an obvious symbol of life and resurrection.

But speaking specifically of the documented tradition… it seems that giving Easter eggs as gifts dates back to medieval Christian Europe, where the church imposed a fast from animal foods during the days prior to Easter or Lent, a restriction that lasted with eggs until the 18th century.

Evidently the hens did not stop laying eggs, so the communities boiled and painted them to differentiate them from the uncooked ones and then gave them away at Easter, right at the end of the Lenten restriction.

Regardless of the tradition we attach an article about the incredible nutritional and functional properties of eggs.

Enjoy the article… and the eggs 😊


Photography: Roman Odintsov de Pexels