NBG HepatoShield, 3 actions in 1: Growth promoter, Antioxidant and solution against Mycotoxins

Hepatoshield and chicken

Dear Colleagues,

This week we would like to give you a preview of some results obtained with our product NBG HepatoShield, specifically from a trial carried out with the prestigious I.R.T.A. Research Center.

The surprising results show how our product helps to improve the performance of broilers from 0-35 d with statistical significance and also show that our product not only promotes growth, but also helps to promote animal health when the animals are affected by a hepatotoxic challenge with mycotoxins.

So thanks to its hepatoprotective activity we obtain a triple effect: it helps to promote growth, antioxidant and in the case of mycotoxins presence in the diet it gives protection in a more efficient and real way than the usual toxin binders, in any case in future publications we will explain why.

We can advance that the results obtained with our product show for example +6,62 % kgs of meat and +28 points of better EPEF giving at the end a ROI (Return of the Investment) of 4-6 !

But what is NBG HepatoShield?

NBG HepatoShield is an innovative product based on a new and advanced technology that enhances the potency of Silymarin, to achieve maximum results at minimum cost.

The technologies used to achieve this effect are brought together under the HHH System concept developed by NBG.

The HHH System works with an innovative activation system that takes into account the molecular protection and synergistic reactions carried out at the precise moment and at the specific place in the organism.

Although the tissue analysis has not yet been performed, if anyone is interested in the summary of the productive parameters of the assay, please do not hesitate to contact us.



While we are preparing the technical article to be published, we are pleased to show an interesting article, that although it is on laboratory animals, we think it is very interesting because it shows a good summary of the whole mechanism of action of Silymarin.

Finally, remember that although the sources of Silymarin used in the article are not potentiated as we are doing with our HHH System, its effect is relatively similar, only the dosage and obviously the higher cost changes.

Enjoy the article.

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Photography: pexels-ekaterina-bolovtsova