How to improve the nutritional properties of pet diets

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Having a good balance of nutritional concepts such as available Proteins and amino acids, Minerals, Vitamins, Nucleotides, Energy supplied in the form of fats, hydrocarbonates and non-essential amino acids (important source of energy in the case of carnivorous animals) is one of the keys to create good pet food formulas.

However, the best of formulas could be wasted if we do not consider the metabolic and health status of the animal. For example, an inflammation of the intestinal mucosa could drastically reduce the digestibility of valuable and expensive nutrients.

Any type of liver disorder could unbalance anabolic and catabolic pathways, produce costly immunosuppression, and reduce the efficiency to eliminate toxic molecules and metabolites… again consuming a large amount of valuable nutrient resources.

Oxidative metabolic stress can waste huge amounts of resources such as energy, proteins, and key minerals to recover the endogenous antioxidant system based on protein molecules such as SOD, GPx, GR, GSH or lipid vitamins such as vitamin E.

The conclusion is that if our pet has metabolic alterations the effectiveness of a good diet is reduced, and the nutritional needs of the animal are modified.

At Nutribiogenics we are proud to help our pet food manufacturing customers by supplying natural ingredients, enhanced with HHH technology, that help reduce certain metabolic disturbances.

Some of our products include:

NBG EnteroShield

Based on a Curcumin core that helps protect the digestive system and reduce intestinal inflammation. Preventing malabsorption of nutrients.

NBG HepatoShield

Based on a Silymarin nucleus that helps to take care of the liver, improving its detoxification capacity and saving nutritional resources. It also helps to neutralize possible mycotoxin attacks.

NBG OxiShield

Based on a core of Olive Tree extract rich in Hydroxytyrosol and Maslinic Acid that helps to reduce the harmful oxidative stress that prematurely ages our pets and in which the organism spends enormous amounts of nutrients to attack it.

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On this occasion we take the opportunity to show you an interesting article that shows the mode of action of Hydroxytyrosol, a cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, known for its high antioxidant capacity and for providing a long-life expectancy… which could also be for our pets.

Enjoy the article.

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