Effects of Curcumin supplementation in underweight piglets

Pig and Enteroshield

Dear colleagues,

This week we are going to talk about underweight piglets that are often detected in hyperprolific and/or old sows.

Piglets with low birth weight due to intrauterine growth retardation not only have a more immature immune system and less developed intestinal mucosa than other piglets, but they also have a more immature antioxidant system, including underdevelopment of key organs such as the liver.

In this article we will see how supplying curcumin in the diet could boost the antioxidant system of the animals by increasing feed intake and performance.

If we boost the antioxidant system one thing for sure is that we will reduce the pressure on the immune system and reduce intestinal inflation, one of the tissues that seems to be most sensitive to the positive effects of turmeric extracts.

As for the mode of action, it seems that, in addition to acting directly as an antioxidant, sparing vitamin E, curcumin increases the number of antioxidant molecules such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) and inhibits ROS-generating enzymes such as lipoxygenase/cyclooxygenase.

As a side effect, not tested in this trial, it is necessary to remember the good antimicrobial properties of curcuminoids, , which could alleviate the pressure of intestinal pathogens.

To conclude, we just want to remind that curcumin is very sensitive and needs protection up to the duodenum and then rapid absorption.

In our company we have created NBG EnteroShield, which is a product with a curcumin core in which we ensure protection and optimal absorption thanks to HHH technology, which also includes the NBG Protect encapsulation process.

Enjoy the article.

Photography: Laura Varela en Pexels