Effects of olive extract on performance, intestinal function and intestinal microbiota of broilers

Antioxidant olive extract

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This week we have chosen an article showing the positive effects of olive extracts in animal nutrition.

Olives are the fruits of olive trees, a type of tree exposed to a hot, dry climate and a lot of solar radiation, so olive trees produce some of the most potent natural antioxidant molecules known, such as hydroxytyrosol and maslinic acid, to neutralize the free radicals that are created because of this harsh environment.

In this article we will see how olive extracts are able to improve broiler growth obtaining the same results as a diet containing monensin.

The good results of olive extracts seem to be due to potent antioxidant molecules ( triterpenes and polyphenols ), which like almost all natural antioxidants have good anti-inflammatory properties.

So, olive extracts are emerging as a good ally against oxidative stress in animal production, be it heat stress, chronic pathologies or fast-growing breeds very sensitive to stress.

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